Spam Spanker 2.9

Spam Spanker eliminates repetitive morons in AC, expands your squelch limit to 10,000+, and lets you customize who can tell you what. It allows one tell, emote, or says through, then filters out all duplicates for a customizable number of minutes. Perfect for when you're trying to trade an item in subway, but the same 40 idiots spam their rejuv4 heaume over and over.

    Spam Spanker features:

  • Stops spam, no more repetitive idiots
  • AFK auto-responder, with tell logging and stay-online feature (even alt-tabbed)
  • Trims repeat chars (!!!!!!!!!!!!) automatically
  • Unlimited Squelches! Break that 30 squelch limit
  • Optionally shows a Clock in Decal bar, with hourly/half-hourly chimes
  • Customizable list of bad words to filter
  • Ignore vendor spam! Works on quest monsters, too
  • Highlight lines with important keywords
  • Lowercases all-cap YELLING SPAMS
  • Find users in a crowd via Sel button
  • Eliminate junk magic strings, stam2mana, tusker dungeon trap messages, "too far away", etc
  • Paste button - writes to chat window
  • Search and find strings from history and copy to clipboard
    New in 3.0!

  • New heads-up display (with optional clock)
  • Gaerlan Tribunal riddle answerer (auto-answers everyone's riddle)
  • Filter Expiring Spells - filters "spell has expired" when you're not in combat mode. Good for after a quest/hunt when you're hanging with friends and your 400 spells expire
  • Aliases! Set short aliases for frequently typed commands (eg: /mr = /house mansion_recall)
  • New command: /ouch - finds a Aphus Lassel gem and uses it, no more searching through packs at the last second
  • New command: // = Tell people using substrings in their names
  • New command: /time - Show the current time
  • New command: /cap - Captures your current coords and landblock, along with a note to a logfile
  • New command: /dump - dumps last 500 lines of chat to a file
  • Filter fishing
  • Filter all craft messages ("You make spiked arrows")
  • Filter Tusker Island trap messages

Requires Decal version 2.501 Final or above ... Download Latest Decal!
Also requires ImpFilter or above ... Download Latest ImpFilter!

Installing Spam Spanker

Spanker operation is very simple: Press Filter Spam to start the filtering! Number of spams filtered column will fill up as people spam (but you won't see it). Records indicates how many previous "speech" is stored in its database. Clear minutes is how many minutes should pass before all spam is reset and allowed through again. By default, it's set to five minutes. Enter zero for unlimited resets (you NEVER want to see the same text twice).

Cool Commands

Also use /spank user to dump irritating people into your unlimited squelch pile, and /unspank user for removing them. Don't be shy since you can squelch the whole server if you'd like, using this feature.

Status page

Options page

Filters page

Command line functions

The /X command

Searches your text history for a certain string, then copies the resulting matches to your clipboard. NOTE: Does not work with text generated by third party programs such as Meginjarder.

- /X coords would find the word coords in your chat history. Useful is someone told you their location but they scrolled off.
- /X fred has died! would find "fred has died" in chat history and copy to clipboard. You can then paste it elsewhere for a good laugh, or use SpamSpanker's paste button.

The // command

Allows you to /tell people using a portion of their name. To activate this feature, first /tell a person something. You will see "Person was added to /tell list" appear in the chat box. From then on, you can use // name,message instead of typing their entire name, you just need to select a unique part of their name. For example: Fred Durst. You can use // durst,heya! and Spanker will find that substring inside his name and /tell Fred Durst,heya! This feature is handy for those names that really suck to type, eg: Shari Ibn Razim, I don't wanna type that everytime... I'd rather use // raz,heya! You can also include spaces, eg: // n r,heya! would find Shari Ibn Razim since the substring "n r" exists within her name. All tell names you've previously used are stored in a file called tells.lst located in the Spam Spanker directory.

- // raz,anything new? Finds anyone with "raz" in their name, that you've previously /tell'd and /tells them "anything new?"
- // a,Hi! Finds the first person with the letter "a" in their name, that you've previously /tell'd and /tells them "Hi!"
- // durst,what kinda name is that? Finds Fred Durst (assuming you've /tell'd him in the past)

The /SPALIAS command

Sets up an alias (a short command that expands to a longer command). Both the alias and resulting command must have a slash as their first character. You may also include parameters after the alias (extra text at the end). Spam Spanker comes with a default set of aliases in a file called alias.lst which you can edit, remove, or add new aliases if you prefer. Typing /spalias by itself will list all your current alises.
NOTE: If you turn on the "stay in chat mode" option, aliases will not work!

- /spalias /mr=/house mansion_recall Adds an alias for when you type /mr. Doing so will paste /house mansion_recall into AC's chatbar
- /spalias /cp=/tell cp,heya bud! Everytime you type /cp, it will /tell cp,heya bud! You can also include extra text after the command, eg: /cp How ya doing? would translate to /tell cp,heya bud! How ya doing?

The /OUCH command

This will seek out any Aphus Lassel portal gems in your inventory, and use one. If you're not familiar with those gems, you receive one everytime you turn in a tusk to Brighteyes on Tusker Island. They allow you to instantly teleport there, and will save your butt when you have 10 health left, and 3 Virindi beating on your head in Valley of Death. A few times I've been running for my life, with 20 vulns on me, frantically searching for a gem... this saves you the hassle.

- /ouch Poof! You're safely teleported to Aphus Lassel dropoff.

The /DUMP command

Dumps last 500 lines of chat to a file called

Other commands

- /time shows the current time
- /cap captures your coordinates, landblock and a comment to a file
- /spank username to squelch a person
- /unspank username to unsquelch a person
- /spank list to list everyone who's squelched

- /spank Oscar Meyer squelches Oscar Meyer player
- /spank FreddyPrince squelches FreddyPrince player
- /unspank Oscar Meyer unsquelches Oscar Meyer player
- /spank -list to list everyone who's squelched

Bad Word List

In your Spanker directory is badwords.lst that you can edit with Notepad, or your favorite text editor. If that word appears in game, Spanker will automatically remove the sentence containing that word, and not display. Great for adding cusswords if your kid play, component burn message, whatever. One word or phrase per line, unlimited number of lines to play with. Be very careful though and don't include like the letter A or something by itself on a line, which will filter 90% of all text in game, lol. You can always turn this feature off in game by unchecking "Filter BadWord List". If you want to use this feature, make sure to edit the list, then turn it on at the Options screen!

KeyWord List

In your Spanker directory is keywords.lst that you can edit with Notepad, or your favorite text editor. If that word appears in game, Spanker will turn the line bright green. By default, the words money and macro are keywords, but please remove those and add your own! Cool examples of using this would be to add your friend's names, or if you've been itching to go on focus stone quest, add "focus stone" (without the quotes), etc. If you want to use this feature, make sure to edit the list, then turn it on at the Options screen.

AFK AutoResponder

Unfortunately, real life interferes with AC. Doorbell rings, you gotta pee, phonecalls, pizza arrives, you spill soda on the keyboard, etc. Pressing Go AFK button will keep you online by going in/out of combat mode every 2 minutes, record anyone who /tells you, and send "I'm currently AFK but your name was logged" to them. When you come back and press Back Ingame, a list of folks to /told you will appear, along with how many messages you've received. Using AutoResponder, you can remain in game for hours. Note however that AFK relies on AC movement messages to wave, so if you're out in middle of nowhere, you might be logged off.

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